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Clinical Intelligence

Our Story

After observing significant care gaps in his patients, Stanford cardiologist Dr. Rajesh Dash was inspired to co-found HealthPals, partnering with Data Scientist Sushant Shankar, and built the Clinical Intelligence platform CLINT. They continue to solve significant gaps in patient care by mapping clinical data to clinical guidelines and decreasing disease burden by uniting medical science and data science.

Healthpals CLINT Team

Team from HealthPals at ACC2023 | WCCardio

Founding Team

DR. Rajesh Dash, Co-Founder & Chairman
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Co-Founder & Chairman

Stanford Cardiologist, Medical Director, Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine.

Sushant Shankar, MS Co-Founder & CEO
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Co-Founder & CEO

Data Scientist, Software Engineer, Technologist, and Entrepreneur.

Our Solutions

The CLINT platform provides Life Sciences companies with clinical intelligence that unlocks clinical trial barriers, accelerating outcomes for better health.



CLINT Identify provides deeper insights into identifying suitable patients for clinical trials. It offers real-world data simulations that enable these companies to design optimal practices and answer research questions on
their drug's efficacy.



CLINT Attract provides predictable outcomes by attracting suitable trial patients once the ideal trial design has been identified. The system automates the identification and enrollment of eligible patients using existing Electronic Health Records (EHR) and social media
(through partners).



CLINT Care provides better health with personalized Guideline-Driven-Medical-Therapy (GDMT) implemented at the point of care. It accelerates product adoption and improves drug utilization by identifying and closing care gaps. This is done with capabilities like simulated patient journeys
and a dynamic real-world
publication engine.

Together, CLINT Identify, CLINT Attract, and CLINT Care de-risk the trial process enabling faster and more predictable trial completion and increasing product adoption.

Our Clients

Working with companies of all sizes, from top 5 pharma to early-stage biotech startups, CLINT has reduced trial design timelines, reduced screen failure rates to as low as 3%, completed trial recruitment in as fast as one month, and provided a
reduction of 37% cardiovascular risk in a patient panel.

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