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Stanford cardiologist, Rajesh Dash, observed that significant gaps in patient care could be closed by mapping clinical data to clinical guidelines. He and his co-founder Sushant Shankar built this platform, CLINT, and scaled it be able to cover large populations.


Our vision is to eradicate chronic diseases through optimized and precise prevention, diagnosis and treatment response using clinically actionable insights from all available data through the best available scientific evidence and clinical guideline for every person.


The Precision AI platform, CLINT, begins at the individual patient level, creating guideline-driven insights for every patient and scaling this across entire health systems to derive actionable insights for decison makers at our Life Science and Value-based care organization clients.


Insights as a Service


Our Precision AI platform, CLINT, with its embedded clinical care guidelines delivers actionable insights. Endorsed by the American College of Cardiology and AI Med, CLINT is intelligently elevating the standard of care and highlighting the care gaps.


Our clinical, engineering, and data science teams will customize CLINT to solve critical pain points. CLINT with it's dashboard and report generating capability can be deployed rapidly to deliver actionable insights within weeks to life science or health system clients.

Bob Harrington, MD.
Chair of Medicine at Stanford & President AHA

“HealthPals Clinical Intelligence is what we should all be using in our clinics”


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