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CLINT automates guidelines based medicine to allow you to continually monitor your patient population to identify patients who are not receiving the appropriate care and make immediately actionable treatment recommendations to close those gaps. 
CLINT is also capable of identifying high risk patients who wouldn't be identified using traditional risk models.

Healthier Happier Patients and  Reduced Healthcare Costs

Quality of Care

CLINT ensures that patients are receiving guideline recommended, evidence based care. In addition, CLINT's machine learning capabilities provide personalized treatment recommendations. All of this results in the delivery of a higher quality of care to your patients.

Measurable Outcomes

Improving the quality of care results in a healthier patient population with decreased risk of disease progression and of adverse events like heart attack and stroke all of which results in lower healthcare costs.

Additional Services

Providing healthcare the produces a healthier, happier patient population results in increased  loyalty from existing customers and an increase in new customers.



50% of the US population does not receive the guideline recommended care

Patients with chronic diseases who are not receiving appropriate care suffer from increased incidence of disease progression and adverse events like heart attack and stroke. All of this could be avoided by ensuring patients are receiving the appropriate care.

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What CLINT can do


CLINT codifies clinical guidelines so that guidelines can be automatically applied to patient data. The result is, for each patient, the identification therapies that the patient should be receiving but are not. CLINT also applies machine learning risk models to patient data to identify their level of risk of disease progression or adverse events. All of this can be automated and performed at scale.


Because treatment recommendations area based on current clinical guidelines, the recommendations are immediately actionable.


The CLINT platform can monitor your patients in real time for treatment adherence or for any changes that might indicate a change in therapy.

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Automated diseases prevention at scale.


CLINT can be integrated into the EHR or could be accessed via API


CLINTs guideline rules are taken directly from the most current clinical guidelines


CLINT's risk models have been developed and tested on over 1.4 billion patient life years of data.

CLINT is built on the foundation of current evidence based medicine using deeply integrated clinical and data science expertise


Collaboration with the American College of Cardiology

Because CLINT was built on the foundation of evidence based medicine, HealthPals was able to receive the endorsement of and partner with the American College of Cardiology.

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COVID-19 Coagulopathy Evidence Accelerator

Close colaboration between the HealthPals  medical and data science teams have resulted in the generation of highly rigorous real world data analyses including those done in collaboration with the FDA and Reagan Udall foundation investigating coagulopathy in COVID-19 patients.

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